Why Nude (yoga)?

… is the first question people ask when I say I did nude yoga.

Nude Yoga

The answer?

Nude yoga stands for everything I believe in.

~Love, acceptance and compassion for myself and others.

~Being courageous and vulnerable.

~Reclaiming my femininity and my body.




Not only that, it brought together the most incredible group of local women – I knew you were out there! – a community that I am so grateful to be part of.

How did we end up with Nude Yoga in Rocky?

I wanted to experience it so badly, I planned to travel to Brisbane for it. Then a fellow local yogi suggested we invite them to come here… she handed the reins over to me, I chatted with Rosie and her partner Ares, found the venue and BOOM. Tickets were on sale.

I wondered if we would make the numbers, if Rocky women were ready to uncover layers, to strip bare. Yep, turns out we were – 16 goddesses emerged.

How did it all unfold?

So many people think of a ‘normal’ vinyasa class – lights and downward dogs. There was none of that. (No crazy tights, either!)

We entered into a womb, undressed and put on robes and kaftans – things that were easy to remove. The room was warm and candle-lit, the air infused incense and music.

Rosie was radiant. I felt immediately comfortable with her, and she welcomed every single woman with love.

The experience (calling it a class doesn’t quite encompass it) was mainly seated poses, with lots of breath work. It was fluid, sensual and feminine.

At the start, we shared with each other why we were there. The courage and vulnerability from each woman was inspiring. I’ve been asked if it was competitive or judgmental – these things didn’t even come into it. Most of us were scared shitless haha! And to witness other women share their stories of pain, of feeling less than in some form or other ignited compassion in all of us.

We did a lot of pranayama (breath work) to get us out of our heads, and then we unveiled – simply slipping a robe off to reveal our bare, beautiful bodies.

After the initial unveiling, I lost track and didn’t realise I was naked. I simply was – slipped into the ‘beingness’ that we all have within us.

At the end, we shared how we felt in the moment. Let’s just say it was transformational and life-changing for every. single. woman. in the room.

Most of us remained naked until the circle closed and it was time to go – that’s how comfortable we felt in the space, and I’ll bet my clothes that none of them thought it was possible to feel that way, at the start.

I personally experienced ecstasy – at one point during it I laughed out loud from the sheer power and freedom I felt. I tapped into the power of the wild woman inside, experienced the incredible power of my own softness and vulnerability. I felt pure acceptance and love for myself – not in an airy-fairy way but a deep knowing and understanding that lit me up from within.


This is something that a few years ago I would have never considered doing – let alone been able to experience ecstasy and acceptance of myself EXACTLY how I was – belly, thighs, boobs and all. It was a ritual, a celebration of how far I’ve come on my journey.

What have I experienced in the three weeks since nude yoga? 

I’m more in tune with my body than ever before. I quickly saw how some of the choices I was making weren’t nourishing me, and made some changes pretty effortlessly.

I somehow manifested more money – tapping into my core allowed me to put a considerable amount of money in savings without really earning extra or consciously changing my spending.

I’m more pleasure-sensitive and orgasmic. Need I say more? 😉

I feel a deeper level of acceptance and compassion for myself – which means less negative mental chatter, less stress in my body and more room for play, love and pleasure.

I also have a stronger sense of ownership – knowing what’s mine and what belongs to other people when it comes to opinions, beliefs and power. I’m setting boundaries when and where necessary with minimum fuss. This is a huge win for me.

I look radiant – heads are turning, and I’m getting comments on my skin. And of course, I’m more confident naked.

In a nutshell, it’s changed me and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’d love to hear from you – would you do nude yoga if it came back to Rocky (or your town, if you’re not from Rocky)?


Emma xox



Yoga and Meditation

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Beach yoga – 7am Sunday 23 November 2013, $5. Contact Be Proud Bootcamps and Personal Training for more details.

I’m so excited to offer yoga and meditation classes at Holistic Health on DenhamActiv Gracemere, Positive Existence Personal Training and Be Proud Bootcamps and Personal Training.

Namaste, gorgeous ones!