That thing that intimidates the shit out of you? Do it

You know, that thing that you can’t even think about because it’s too big?

That thing that you want so bad that you’ve tried to convinced yourself that it’s not for you, it’s stupid, and you don’t want it anyway

(because if you don’t get it and you fail at it…)

That thing you swore you’d NEVER DO AGAIN, because it was all wrong and you can’t go back because you’re afraid you’ll be as you were and you’ve worked so.damn.hard to transform your life

(even though it served a purpose that you didn’t see the value of at the time)

That thing that intimidates the shit out of you, that calls you to step out of the past and into the present and play a long-term, big picture game with your life, to take a shot, risk it all and actually show up to your higher purpose…

Do it.

Just fucking do it.

Throw the damn dice, make the phone call, say yes, say no, stop putting shit in your body, stop being who YOU THINK you should be (it’s wrong) and be WHO YOU ARE (nailed it).

Be real.

Stop denying yourself what you really want and give yourself permission to getthefuck amongst your life.

Use the pretty journal and the nice pens, even though your writing is chicken scratch, because you deserve pretty.

Move your body in a different way, because it feels good, because you crave it.

Get your butt on the meditation cushion and set the timer.

Eat. Eat. Eat, goddamn it!!! When you restrict your appetite for food, you restrict your creative, sexual, financial LIFE FORCE energy. You restrict your capacity to enjoy your life. That is utter BS and you deserve a full, juicy delicious life.

(Don’t just eat junk because your brain tells you it’s upset and it needs chocolate. Get real. Eat real food, regularly. This is about nourishment.)

Have sex. Gourmet sex. Allow yourself to let go. Embrace your body, take charge of your pleasure, and do it with love.

Look after your bank account. (Even if this means getting a full-time job when all you want to do is be an entrepreneur.) If money adds stress to your life, it’s not serving you, your business or your creativity right now.

And when you ask for guidance and it shows up (on your doorstep, in your inbox, out of the mouths of babes) LISTEN.

Take action, before the door of opportunity closes.

But trust another door will open if you’re slow on the uptake.

Watch for miracles. Take joy in the small things.

The bottom line is always (show/be/see/feel/give/receive)



When you’re dying inside

I totally needed a break. I was dying inside – feeling empty and exhausted.

But instead of calling a halt to all things happening in my life, I started filling up the emptiness. I honoured the space within that was calling for some fun, play and adventure. I added in the good stuff, things that fill me up, set me on fire and make me excited about life.

I wanted to share some of the amazing content I’ve been consuming with you today. You’ll find a rather epic list below – feel free to come back to it as you need and only click through on what you feel called to follow.

On relationships, men and sex:

On money and business:

I hope you enjoyed this list and I’d love to hear your feedback and if you resonated with any of these resources!

Lots of love,

Emma XO

Three simple self-care strategies that work (for me)

About a month ago I read this quote from Darren Rowse (harvested by my friend Alana at Problogger recently):

Make sure input (reading, relaxing, listening to Podcasts, having a mentor/s) is equal to or greater than output (blogging, serving clients and providing value).

I thought I did okay at the self-care stakes, being a health coach and a yoga teacher and all – it’s like my bread and butter, right? That’s what I told myself, anyway. But after reading that ratio, I was astonished, ashamed and abashed to conclude that my ratio of input to output in the last twelve months was more like 20/80.. 20 being input, 80 being output, on average.

Until that point, I’d spent a lot of time thinking, writing and, quite frankly, complaining that I was busy and drained but doing all the same things. That’s the definition of madness, right? Doing the same things and expecting different results?

I felt shame, anger, frustration, grief – all the self-betrayal feels. Yet I had a strange sense of relief because it all makes sense.

No wonder I shuddered at the thought of listening to podcasts. I couldn’t take anything in because I’m in output mode most of the damn time. It makes sense that my digestive issues resurfaced: not assimilating + receiving my nutrients physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Looking at it in terms of masculine/feminine energy balance, I was doing a lot of masculine giving, doing and producing, and not balancing it with feminine BEING and receiving.

Here’s how I brought it back to balance:

  • The first thing I did was to set my timer every damn day for 5 minutes of meditation. No excuses. Even if I was nodding off, I sat for 5 minutes, nodding off. Giving myself that time was crucial to creating balance and I increased it slowly from 5 to 10 to 20 minutes where I could.
  • Next was food. I’d been eating okay but throwing together meals and not having a full fridge. It does something good to me psychologically if I have meals prepared in the fridge to grab and go – plus, Hangry pants are very unflattering! It took some time to get organised with recipes, a shopping list, do the shopping and cook all the food – a whole day, in fact – but it was SO worth it to be able to eat when I want to and not think about it.
  • I swallowed my ‘I’m a yoga teacher so I should be able to practice on my own without attending studio’ bullshit and bought a month pass to the local studio. Tracey is an awesome teacher and it is such a blessing to be a STUDENT. It took me a few classes to get out of ‘teacher’ mode but I cherish being able to let go and practice 2-3 times a week.

I implemented each of these actions, one at a time. When I felt I had one down, I added another in. They’re all simple, baby steps, but combined they have had a huge impact. I’m listening to podcasts, reading books, painting, Pinning like a madwoman and feel more relaxed, inspired and content than I have in 18 months-ish.

It’s taken about a month to feel these actions sink in as habits, and I have ‘fallen off the wagon’ countless times during that month. But the key is to be compassionate – instead of panicking as I let the wagon ride off into the sunset without me, I just get back on it and feel the breeze on my face as I pick up momentum. Simple. No judgement, no excuses.

No more bullshit. I deserve to be peaceful, content, relaxed and inspired.

Getting ‘back on the wagon’ and riding the shit out of it feels like Freedom.

What one small step can you take, not tomorrow, but NOW, today, to start the ripple effect of Freedom in your life? Let me know in the comments.

(Hint: there’s a reason I started with meditation!)

Lots of Love,

Emma xoxo

Running out of time and missing the point

I often have a feeling of running out of time, like I need to do everything NOW. This feeling gives rise to my anxiety. These days, I can recognise it and let it go. I feel much more peace. I’ve worked on it with kinesiology but it still rears its head every now and then.

But this morning I woke up with it, and there was more guts, more juice. I explored it with journalling and meditation. What came up for me might surprise you.

I feel like I’m missing something, missing the point, not able to see the big picture in my life. I feel like I’m not able to see clearly and understand my life purpose, what my divine gifts are.

I acknowledge that I’ve come a hell of a long way towards understanding it, and to someone not in my head and heart, it might seem like I’m living it.

But I don’t FEEL it. I feel like I’m juuuust off the mark.

And you know why? That sneaking little story of ‘there’s not enough time’ distracts me, gets me caught up in the ‘doing’. I’m not really present to my WHY. I’m not even asking myself WHY; I just go do, because I can.

If you don’t ask the question, you won’t get the answer.

And to be really honest, there’s probably a hint (or more than a hint!) of undervaluing myself, not acknowledging my gifts – purely because I’m not paying attention.

So the question for you today, dear reader, is this:

Do you know what your gifts are? Do you value them, and yourself? What is your WHY?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Emma xox

Life lessons from life drawing


I took myself to a life drawing class last night. I’ve found confidence from my recent painting adventures, and I felt like getting out of my comfort zone, as you do.

“What’s the worst that can happen? I don’t like my drawings?” I said to myself, and off I went.

Here’s my takeaway from the night.

We are our own worst critic.


It was truly a beautiful experience. There was 9 of us, four men, five women. The model was a gorgeous young woman, maybe 20, and it was her first time. Before she unrobed, she said, “Please don’t judge my body.”

My heart swelled for her, because she was so beautiful. It was a potent reminder of how we are our own worst critic. So with that, I picked up my pencil, tried not to look at what my friend was doing, and focused on what I could see in front of me.

Perfection is a myth.

In the lines of her shoulders I could see the insecurity, but in the lines of her ribcage and sternum there was courage, and in her belly, vulnerability and power. So much beauty – and isn’t that what art is? Capturing beauty? It’s all gorgeous and raw and imperfect.

Presence is key.

I think my meditation practice is really filtering into the finer details of my existence. I was so present, aware of my fingers around the pencil, taking in the details of what I could see, feeling the freezing cold air around us. There wasn’t really any mental chatter. There was judgement, but not the “I’m not good” voice; just seeing something on the page that needed tweaking. I was peaceful, focused, intent, compassionate. In the zone.

It’s a process.

I looked at the model and saw a line, so I drew it. Then I saw shadow, so I shaded it. Then I saw another line, drew that, and added some shadow… and then I had a female body on my page, using lines, light and shadow.

I didn’t like all my drawings – but that doesn’t actually matter. It’s part of the process, discerning what you like and what you don’t.

Here’s the ones I liked:

IMG_6609 IMG_6612 IMG_6611 IMG_6610


And the ones I didn’t like:

thumb_IMG_6632_1024 thumb_IMG_6631_1024

We are our own harshest critic

Perfection is a myth

Presence is key

It’s a process.

I love the dual nature of these lessons. Where in my life am I judging myself, being harsh or criticising? Where am I striving for perfection, instead of seeing the beauty in what I’m experiencing?

When I’m present, none of those thoughts or judgements can impact me.  That’s when things flow. When I stay with the process and put one foot in front of the other, take the next right step as it comes, I feel on track… whether I like the experience I’m having or not.

I’d love to know if you resonate… do you have your own creative process? Do you feel like judgements get in the way of you achieving your dreams? Or do you feel a sense of ease, flow? How do you create that? Let me know in the comments.


Lots of love,

Emma xo

The heart loves space

How can I go back?

There is no return from this place of knowing – only one foot in front of another, move in a new direction.
That breath, that space – the pause is precious.
The heart wants s p a c e.
To much high heart spirits and the bushfire burns out to charcoal. I know this.

The Zen Thai weekend put me back in touch with my heart.

The first question that I asked myself on leaving was: How to maintain this sense of spaciousness in my life?
The pain of being incongruent, the cost of living inauthentically is too high now that I’ve lived in my truth for four solid days.
I feel staying in this heart space will be painful – staying is painful when your heart isn’t happy.
But the only way for the heart to be happy is to stay with it. Hear it. Make choices moment to moment, instead of abandoning it in favour of short term pain relief.

How to maintain this sense of spaciousness in my life? 

I feel like I’m owning my heart. I’m saying, YES, this is how I want to feel.
I can be conscious of the space, the pauses; start to seek and see space, instead of complaining that it’s not there. The pause in between breaths, the transitions – that’s where the space is.
Stay open, as my massage buddy, Pete, said.
Start saying no more. I get a lot of offers. As I say and obviously need to practice, say no to things that aren’t a HELL YES.
Breathe more. Be still, and alone. Space.
May I have the courage to be vulnerable and be with my truth and live it.
May you have that courage too.

Where you need more space in your life? Let me know in the comments.
Emma xoxox