That thing that intimidates the shit out of you? Do it

You know, that thing that you can’t even think about because it’s too big?

That thing that you want so bad that you’ve tried to convinced yourself that it’s not for you, it’s stupid, and you don’t want it anyway

(because if you don’t get it and you fail at it…)

That thing you swore you’d NEVER DO AGAIN, because it was all wrong and you can’t go back because you’re afraid you’ll be as you were and you’ve worked so.damn.hard to transform your life

(even though it served a purpose that you didn’t see the value of at the time)

That thing that intimidates the shit out of you, that calls you to step out of the past and into the present and play a long-term, big picture game with your life, to take a shot, risk it all and actually show up to your higher purpose…

Do it.

Just fucking do it.

Throw the damn dice, make the phone call, say yes, say no, stop putting shit in your body, stop being who YOU THINK you should be (it’s wrong) and be WHO YOU ARE (nailed it).

Be real.

Stop denying yourself what you really want and give yourself permission to getthefuck amongst your life.

Use the pretty journal and the nice pens, even though your writing is chicken scratch, because you deserve pretty.

Move your body in a different way, because it feels good, because you crave it.

Get your butt on the meditation cushion and set the timer.

Eat. Eat. Eat, goddamn it!!! When you restrict your appetite for food, you restrict your creative, sexual, financial LIFE FORCE energy. You restrict your capacity to enjoy your life. That is utter BS and you deserve a full, juicy delicious life.

(Don’t just eat junk because your brain tells you it’s upset and it needs chocolate. Get real. Eat real food, regularly. This is about nourishment.)

Have sex. Gourmet sex. Allow yourself to let go. Embrace your body, take charge of your pleasure, and do it with love.

Look after your bank account. (Even if this means getting a full-time job when all you want to do is be an entrepreneur.) If money adds stress to your life, it’s not serving you, your business or your creativity right now.

And when you ask for guidance and it shows up (on your doorstep, in your inbox, out of the mouths of babes) LISTEN.

Take action, before the door of opportunity closes.

But trust another door will open if you’re slow on the uptake.

Watch for miracles. Take joy in the small things.

The bottom line is always (show/be/see/feel/give/receive)




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