The heart loves space

How can I go back?

There is no return from this place of knowing – only one foot in front of another, move in a new direction.
That breath, that space – the pause is precious.
The heart wants s p a c e.
To much high heart spirits and the bushfire burns out to charcoal. I know this.

The Zen Thai weekend put me back in touch with my heart.

The first question that I asked myself on leaving was: How to maintain this sense of spaciousness in my life?
The pain of being incongruent, the cost of living inauthentically is too high now that I’ve lived in my truth for four solid days.
I feel staying in this heart space will be painful – staying is painful when your heart isn’t happy.
But the only way for the heart to be happy is to stay with it. Hear it. Make choices moment to moment, instead of abandoning it in favour of short term pain relief.

How to maintain this sense of spaciousness in my life? 

I feel like I’m owning my heart. I’m saying, YES, this is how I want to feel.
I can be conscious of the space, the pauses; start to seek and see space, instead of complaining that it’s not there. The pause in between breaths, the transitions – that’s where the space is.
Stay open, as my massage buddy, Pete, said.
Start saying no more. I get a lot of offers. As I say and obviously need to practice, say no to things that aren’t a HELL YES.
Breathe more. Be still, and alone. Space.
May I have the courage to be vulnerable and be with my truth and live it.
May you have that courage too.

Where you need more space in your life? Let me know in the comments.
Emma xoxox

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