I wandered into a nest

I had to hook up internet last week. I whinged and stomped my feet about the price, and I’m still waiting for the connection to go live. Rockhampton is so behind the times! #firstworldproblems

Despite the childish behaviour, this act signified the start of a new chapter in my life. My friend/housemate is leaving, and, as of July, I’m renting my own place. With my own wifi.

I’m finally a grown up.


I never thought this would happen to me, but apparently I have the same look on my face when I’m looking at floor cushions as I do when I’m about get laid. I’m surfing the net for organic bedlinen with the same fervour I had for shoes about five years ago. Oh, don’t even get me started on The Bed. (It will be a Karton frame with an organic eco-friendly latex mattress. King size, with a divine duvet, a couple of cute cushions and a thrilling throw. Neutral colours with a pop of print.) I’ve never wanted to drop the cost of a short overseas holiday on anything home-related before.


Now, it’s still going to be very minimal. I actually have zero furniture and I intend on keeping it that way as much as possible. I won’t have a TV; in fact, the living room will be the yoga and meditation room, complete with bolsters, rugs and floor cushions. Effortlessly stylish and comfortable, of course, so I can entertain – I’m thinking pots of chai or mulled wine, candles and salt lamps… such cosiness!

I’ll convert the spare room to a treatment room for the energy healings I’ll offer from July 1. The dining/kitchen area will have an art station, a mini island table so I can sit on the bench seat to eat, and a few other things to make it pretty. Every single piece will be lovingly and intentionally placed.

This is the first time that I’ll be living in a space I’ve created purely for myself. I’ve rented and lived with other people or in furnished places since I left home, and even at home, my room was furnished for me. I’ve moved five times in the last three years. As a Cancerian, supposedly the homemakers of the zodiac, this is highly unusual behaviour.

However, I had an astrology reading at the start of the year and apparently Cancerians are born into one of two extremes. They can be homebodies, or they can feel lost and ungrounded, never feeling safe and secure or knowing where home is.

I fall into the second category. I’ve never really felt at home anywhere. I’ve always just had this knowing that I’ll move on from wherever I am, in search of new and exciting adventures. I think I’m a wanderer at heart. I still have that knowing, that sense of impending travel, now. The difference now is that I’m choosing to make a home, instead of thinking it will find me (and settling for other people’s choice in decor.)

Creating my own nest feels incredibly grounding. I feel able to truly express myself and own my space and so damn THRILLED to buy stainless steel saucepans (WTF). I can’t wait to see how my business and creativity takes off once I’m settled into my own space.

What about you, dear reader? How do you feel about the space you live in?

If you enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Emma xo




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