Your permission slip to let go

I shared this in my last newsletter, dated 2 March 2015:

I’m writing to share some bittersweet news with you.

I have chosen to discontinue some classes from my schedule. Classes will no longer be at Holistic Health or Body N Soul, after this week. I’ll still continue to teach at Activ Gracemere for the time being.

Why? I’m getting close to burnout – 8 classes a week is a sizeable workload. I recently injured myself and although it wasn’t serious and I made a full recovery, my body was giving me a clear indication to slow down. There’s been other signs too.

This was not an easy decision to make. I love teaching. I know the benefits of yoga and how much you all love it, and I want to continue to share my understanding and experience of yoga with you.

However, when I lose my passion, when I don’t have the energy for my own practice, when I continue to push myself past my own limits in a way that feels constrictive and draining (not expansive and exciting), what am I really teaching?

This article sums it up, much more succinctly than I could (I cried sweet tears of acknowledgement reading it).

I haven’t had the energy to send an email to you before now, or finish an asana challenge I started two weeks ago. This is not the effect that yoga has had on me, it’s the effect of over-doing it.

Maybe you’re familiar with that feeling – fatigue, dragging your feet, feeling resentful, constantly hungry, anxious, and, in my case, starting to hope no-one shows up so I can go home and sleep or eat.

If so: here’s your permission slip to let go. 

I only want to hit my targets if the aiming and the hitting both feel good ~ Danielle La Porte, The Desire Map

I hope this inspires you to listen to your intuition, the wisdom of your body, and your heart.

Lots of love,

Emma XO


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