Full Moon Fun!

(Happy 2015! First post of the year – yippee!)

I hosted a Full Moon dinner party last night: 8 gorgeous women (including myself) coming together to release what no longer serves us with the Full Moon energy. This month’s full moon hits at 9.07 am Queensland time today, so you still have tonight to consider your intentions.

It’s a Leo full moon, governing heart, health and vitality, and the inner child. Combined with a couple of other planets and the shedding potential that comes from Mercury Retrograde, it’s a potent time for expansion and personal growth – releasing any limiting beliefs, behaviours and energy that hold you back from opening your heart, expressing your truth, letting playtime into your life and boosting your health and wellness intentions. Once you’ve identified what you’d like to release, let the full moon energy take care of the how. 

It was such a pleasure for me to share the practice of monthly intention setting and releasing. I use the moon cycles, mainly the Full Moon and New Moon, to set intentions about what I’d like to see more of in my life and course-correct if necessary. I use the moon cycles in conjunction with Core Desired Feelings to create my life each day – consciously creating instead of ‘goal-setting’. I’ve always been interested in astrology but after an astro chart reading in Byron in January I’m keen to dive a bit deeper!

My personal intentions are around surrender and letting go of control, allowing myself to ease in and create more space for play in my life. It means I do more things that bring me joy and make my inner fairy child happy, like Full Moon dinners, singing and dancing, having fresh flowers and crystals and candles all around the house.

It means I watch myself and when I notice my jaw clench and the overwhelming urge to control something (or someone!) arises, I take a breath and let go. It’s changing my life!

I’m no expert on astrology or lunar cycles so here’s some resources for further reading:

www.ezziespencer.com – Ezzie has a free info graphic with the different yin/yang energies of the moon phases.

www.astrostyle.com – The Astro Twins have a couple of awesome pieces which really explain a lot about what’s been happening the last six months or so, including: Saturn in Sagittarius, Pluto-Uranus Squares and all sorts of other happenings!

www.thelittlesage.com – Helen has a Full Moon Releasing meditation available to purchase, as well as regular astrological and spiritual guidance.

Elizabeth Peru’s Facebook Page

Mystic Mamma collates info from a number of astro sites for your convenience!

And Sarah Wilder of The Fifth Element Life has an awesome energy reading delivered to your inbox if you sign up to her newsletter.

If you enjoyed reading more about this please leave me a comment!


Emma XOX


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