Balance: It’s not what you think

Trying to achieve balance. There’s two things wrong with that sentence: the words ‘trying’ and ‘achieve’.

Balance is not another thing for us to do or achieve. Balance of a state of being.

Don’t confuse balance with stillness. To force stillness creates tension and rigidity.

Observe the constant ebb and flow of movement and energy in your body. Observe the strength and grace.

Come into tree pose. Your foot, your foundation, is solid and connected, your hips are stable, and the heart is soft, open and radiant.

Balance requires us to lay strong foundations and create emotional stability. Then we can truly open our heart, focus our attention and breathe with effortless ease. Move with fluidity and peace through life. How’s that for a definition?

I’d love to know what you think – leave a comment below.

Lots of love,

Emma xoxo


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