Invest in happiness


Until two years ago, the phrase ‘money mindset’ wasn’t part of my vocabulary.

I’d always felt a distinct ‘lack’ of money, but I didn’t think anything of it. I had enough to pay my bills and things I perceived I needed, but I felt like I didn’t have enough for things I wanted. And when I decided I wanted something bad enough, I started to scale back on other things I wanted.. and when that wasn’t enough, I got a credit card and got myself into debt. I developed a continuous cycle of not-enough-ness that seeped out and stained not only my finances, but my health and my relationships.

That’s when I read about ‘money mindset’ – the set of habits, values and beliefs you hold surrounding abundance. These beliefs hold the key to receiving and enjoying abundance financially AND in your health and your relationships. 

Do you feel sense of guilt about spending time and money on things that you want? ‘Oh, I don’t need it right now.’ Does that sound familiar? How about, ‘I don’t need to go to that festival,’ ‘I don’t need a massage right now,’ ‘That really delicious chocolate I love is too expensive. I’ll just get the cheap one. Chocolate is chocolate.’

NO. That beautiful raw Pana Chocolate dances all over your tastebuds. You deserve to relax and treat your body with a massage – it works hard for you, day in, day out. And that festival/concert/class will get your Wild Thing going and feed your SOUL with some crazy fun, like sitting at home on the couch never will.

I’ve decided to look at how I direct my time and money, my energy, as an investment in my happiness.

When I feel that familiar guilt creep in, I ask myself the following questions:

Do I really want this? Is it a hell YES?

Will it make me happy, or feed my soul? 

I spend my energy on things I really want – if I’m half-hearted, then it’s a no. If I do really want it, but fear is holding me back, I ask if it will feed my soul, make me happy, or serve my higher purpose.

And then I commit.

I commit to saying yes, investing my energy, and enjoy it completely. Or I commit to channeling my energy in another direction and enjoying THAT investment completely.

Either way, I come out on top. Throw in a gratitude practice and you’ve got a winning combination!

I’d love to hear how you invest your time and energy. What things do you spend time and money on that make you happy? What do you invest in that you don’t receive a high return from? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love,

Emma xox


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