The Busyness Trap


adj. having a great deal to do

verb. keep oneself occupied.

I have a full three weeks of teaching yoga ahead of me. I’m talking 16 hours a week of classes. That’s a pretty large undertaking for someone who has only ever taught 3-4 1:1 sessions and group classes per week. I found myself revelling in the feeling of importance, predicting how little time I’ll have for anything in those few weeks, and a slight feeling of overwhelm washed over me as I future-tripped, made to-do lists and looked at my schedule. I recognised that familiar feeling and I didn’t like it.

I’m one of those people who has suffered from burnout in the past – the result of epic busyness. I had a to-do list a mile long and a packed schedule. My mind was always occupied with how busy I was, and I thought I loved it.

In fact, I was addicted.

I craved the sensation of being busy, the rush of adrenalin coursing through my body as I crammed as much ‘stuff’ into my life as I could.

All the ‘stuff’ left me hollow and wired, and small, and alone, and disconnected from myself. Busyness was the outward manifestation, a distracting symptom of my internal lack.

I realised I was slipping back into this trap because I was present to my body, and I began to explore what lies beneath my urge to busy my mind.

I believe we’ve created an ideal where, as women, we’re using our to-do list as evidence of our success. We’re using busyness as a measure of self worth. We’re using this pattern to keep ourselves small.

The truth is, we are all hardwired for greatness. It’s our intrinsic nature.

How do we evolve into our greatness? By breaking the physical and emotional addiction to being busy, connecting to our self and our desires. Desire is our motivator, our driving force. Our very existence is based on an innate desire to live, to BE.

Our desires can be based in love or fear. When we’re driven by a fear-based need to prove ourselves, we’re draining our energetic resources on a projection that will never give us the love we seek.

When we’re fulfilling our true desires from a place of love, we’re engaging in an energy exchange that feeds us. From this place, we can have a full plate, because we have a full cup to match it. The priorities are in balance. To-do lists and schedules can become friends, not food.

We must create space, SLOW DOWN, to connect to our heart’s desire. There’s many ways to invite our heart out for a conversation.. meditation, relaxation practices, massage, exercise, sex, and art, to name a few. Anything that gets you present will do the trick.

The present moment is where everything is possible; the source of potential, creativity, abundance, personal power, joy, peace, and intuition. If you want to live a heart-centred, intuitive life, inhabit the here and now.

Create some balance between being and doing, and let your doing be guided by your heart, not your fear.

Since I committed to this mindset, life has become a lot simpler. It’s easier for me to prioritise my spiritual/daily practices and ground into the present moment. My actions have a lot more impact with the full force of my presence to back them.

If this resonates with you, take some time to answer these questions:

How do you measure success? What does this moment hold for you? What need or desire are you trying to fulfil?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, via email or in the comments below.


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